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MoonStar's WebMail allows customer access to their email mailbox from any web browser, and is most useful for checking email while on vacation or deleting large messages prior to downloading them to your primary email reading software. To get started, please enter your username and password below:


Use frame-based interface.
Best for checking your email while away from home; this interface is split into multiple windows for faster and easier navigation. It requires a web browser capable of supporting cookies and frames.
Use single-page interface.
Best for quickly clearing trash and problematic messages from your email mailbox, such as spam and overly-large messages which you don't wish to spend time downloading. This interface is also a good choice if your browser doesn't support cookies and frames.
Use text-based interface.
A simple text-only interface, designed to work with any browser. Similar to the single-page interface above, just not as pretty. Best for accessing your email with very old computers, cell phones, and text-to-speech systems.